Friday, December 31, 2010

Good morning everyone!

Well how is everyone? I hope you all are going to have a wonderful new years! I thought I would post this post early since I know that I will be busy this weekend. but after this, all challenges will be posted on mondays.

Challenge week 1
our first challenge of the year here at scrap,laugh,love is to use YARN! Let it inspire you in new ways you've never thought of! try using it differently. It can give great texture and color to any project! So pull it out and start getting inspired!
Remember any projects you create for our challenges that you wish to share will be displayed in our readers gallery page at the top!
Heres one idea to get your creative juices moving!

We cant wait to see what you all create!
Have a wonderful New Year everyone!
Renee and Val

a new year, a new idea

So this year, we are switching things up a bit on here. Its going to be so fun an exciting!  We cannot wait to head down this road with you all!! We want this blog to be exactly what it says: Scrap, Laugh, Love. therefore we will be incorporating all of these things into our blog. We will have a weekly challenge for you every Monday! Fabulous fun creative challenges that will get all your crafty juices flowing!!! You will be inspired! ( we have our challenges all planned out till June!!!) Each week we will also bring some laughter into your life, whether this be a story, a joke, a group of funny pics, a scrapping mis-hap, we will help you pass your week with laughter and joy! The third installment each week will be something we love. May it be an artist we love, a layout we love, a photo we love and are inspired by, a touching tale, whatever it may be we will bring love and sweetness into your life each week.
Me and Renee feel so blessed to have met each other, to have the friendship and crafty relationship we have! We want to bring a little of that joy and sweetness into your life each week! We are extra excited to be traveling this road with all of you, our online friends who empower and inspire us everyday!
Some other changes will be that at the top we will have a page for any of you who wish to submit or share your creations with us for any given week, we will display them all in this gallery.
We've decide not to have monthly prizes also. Instead we will go with having random fun giveaways once in awhile!
we have also given the blog a new look. do you love it? We thought it was cute and sweet! theres also three new badges you can grab and share on your blog!
We are so excited to continue and explore this fabulous blogging journey we are on with all of you!


Monday, December 27, 2010

hurry ....

Just a couple more days to get in your december entries...
what is your one word for 2010!!??
you dont want to miss out on this gorgeous prize we are offering up this month!
its like a winter wonderland of embellies!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

tutorial thurday!

for my last monthly tutorial I wanted to go out with a bang! and some sparkle! who doesnt love sparkle? and this idea is just perfect for the holidays!
***warning if you live in the cold , do not use these out side i found out the hard way that the mod podge will crack in the cold. so only use them indoors until its warm!***

we are going to make some glittered shoes!!!!
(I didnt take pictures the whole time making mine so I will be using another girls pics as well!)
supplies needed:
tp to stuff the shoes to avoid a messy inside
mod podge
sand paper (important)
bowl to mix glitter
bowl to mix glitter with mod podge
something to cover to work space, newspaper or card board

first mix you glitters together. now if you prefer to only use one color thats up to you. I mixed pink turquoise and silver together for mine.
next sand your shoes with sandpaper
this helps. believe me! my sister skipped this step when doing hers and they cracked right away!
next shove tp into your shoes to avoid a glittery gooey mess inside them!
okay now pour a little mod podge into a bowl and add very slowly some of your glitter mixture into it. go slow and add only a little if you add to much it will get clumpy.
paint a coat carefully onto your shoes. go slow and take your time! becareful of the edges. make sure you are painting a straightline!
once you have one full coat of the mixture on there take some of just the glitter, no podge and sprinkle the glitter all over your shoes. you may tap excess of if you like I didnt. the more glitter the better! I let this dry for about 15 mins.
next take your glitter mod podge mix and add another coat of that to your shoes. this will seal everything in and ensure that they are completly coverd!
please allow 24 hours to make sure they are completely dry! make them the night or day before you plan to war them! and once again remember they cannot go into the cold!
these are mine starting to dry!
this is another pair already dry!

I hope you girls love this idea and go make a pair of glittered shoes right away!!!!!
merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

card tutorial tuesday!

renee is back with this perfect idea for holiday cards!!!!
(and to save money!!! who doesnt want to save money!!)

Cards On A Budget.
By Renee Ybarra
Bo Bunny Cardstock Winter Cut Out
Coordinating paper
Coordinating ribbons
Coordinating Colorbox Chalk Ink
Diamond Stickles
I found this Bo Bunny Winter Joy Cut Outs
sheet of cardstock paper at my local scrap
book shop. I loved the colors and seen a quick
easy way to make a few cards for pennies
each with stuff you probably already have in
your stash.
I cut up the cardstock.
Then I stickled everything I could or though needed
a little sparkle...Like the centers of the snow flakes
the Christmas bulbs and little dots I seen. I just bling-
ed it up to make it look sparkly!
Tied some coordinating ribbon.
Inked the edges.
Matted the smaller pieces to coordinating cardstock.
I made 5 cards and 3 small gift cards (not pictured)
all for .99 cents and supplies I already had. Talk about
a budget. Who said it has to cost a fortune to make a
pretty card?
Happy Holidays to all!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

a sneak for the tutorial thursday next week.....

you will need an old pair of shoes(dress shoes, no tennis shoes) you dont really like. maybe the color is wrong and they need some redesign!!!!!
thats all I'll say for now but I promise it will be amazing!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

still a couple weeks left to get your entry in!!!!
what is your word for 2010???
you dont want to miss out on that gorgeous prize we are offering up this month!!!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hello everyone!!!!!
we hope you are having a wonderful december!!!!
we are postponing the card tutorial and the tutorial thursday for next week, due to holiday preparations!
we hope you all understand!

we have been very busy working behind the scenes on a new flow for this blog coming january first!!!
So excited for this!
We will have so much fabulous inspiration here for you ladies!!!

Now today we have our random follwer winner!!!!!
and the winner is:


congrats drayia!!!! please send an email within 48 hours with your addy!

see you all soon with some fun tutorials for you!!!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

show us your scrap space

with val.....
 heres my room! I just re did it this summer!
 the whole cost under 100$!!!!
heres the view from my doorway. (and no its not always this clean!)
heres my shelf that holds most of my supplies. all organized in the drawers. also the pink blob in the bottom left corner is my sewing machine. the tubs stacked on the right of the shelf are my dads pictures he stores there. then next to the sewing machine is my bin of stickers and my tool bucket.
this shelf holds my stuffed donkeys and other animals. all my hand made stuff I love and the stuff others have made for me. and all my scrap books. on top of the books are layouts waiting to be put away.
heres the left side of my table area. where i store my photos and all my paints and glimmer mist. and above the table I have thos bulletin boards i showed you all how to make a while back.
heres my table front and center. these drawers on my table hold all the little tools and supplies I use alot. and pens. on top is my mp3 player and speakers. and my heat gun. always plugged in and ready to go. then my little garage sale tv so that I can watch my classis vhs while scrapping!
and heres the right side of the table area. my dresser again with tv. behind that I hang all my jewlery and 2 of my halloween masks. then I have my jewelry box my dad bought me when I was little and a cly pot I made in highschool in 10th grade.

so thats it girls thats my room!
thanks for taking a peek with me!

and the winner is....

Ill get your prize out to you asap!
and heres melodys layout everyone!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

its december!

are you all ready for your new challenge?

this month we asked the design team to pick one word that described their 2010 and make a layout about it using just that one word.
lets see what they came up with:



so girls, lets see you take on this challenge!!! what is your one word that means something to you for 2010?
leave a lin in the comments with your entry for the challenge.
and to sweeten the pot a bit heres a little bit of the prize this month:
its snowy and dark so i cant get a good pic. sorry! but theres lots of stuff in here:
10 different ribbons and trims
a bag of goodies fill with glittery goodness from renee.
felt ribbon
plastic mesh
and 3 different fabrics!
plus much more!!!!
dont miss out on your chance at thsi gorgeous prize!

*note from val and renee*
we also want to mention everyone that this is the last challenge with the design team. starting in january we are going to do things a little different here.
we will no longer give monthly prizes away, we will instead have random giveaways.
we will have weekly challenges posted for you to get your creative juices flowing instead of monthly challenges.
and some other things we have up our sleeves.
also at the top of the blog in the tabs we make a "gallery of followers" so for any of you who do the challenges and leave us link we will add your work to the gallery for all to see!

so stay tuned ladies, dont go any where cause the good stuff on this blog is just getting started!!!!!