Wednesday, August 17, 2011

challenge 6

Hello lovelies,
How are you all doing?

Me and Miss Renee have been working hard on this next challenge. I loved the idea renee had! It's a step out of the scrapping box for a bit which is good. It allows you to use all your crafting skills. Really most of us are crafters, not just scrap bookers. So with that in mind we bring you:

::: create a monster :::

Our inspiration was drawn from this:
challenge 5

Here's Renee's amazing monster and owl:
challenge 5
challenge 5

Here's Val's amazing monster:
challenge 5

So ladies how about it? Bust out all your funky fabric and buttons and felt and show us how creepy or cute your monster can be!

email us a photo or leave a link in the comments, we would love to see what you created!!!

val and renee

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Challenge 5

This week we have an amazing Challenge to spark your inspiration! I am so in love with this technique now!
WE used these two images from Christy Tomlinsons blog
This First one is the origional piece that inspired Christy! Its amazing to put it simply! It was made by: Junelle Jacobson. The talents is just so Immense in her!
challenge 5
Wow, right???
Then we have the piece Christy did:
challenge 5
I'm in awe of these pieces and we felt so Inpired we knew this had to be our next challenge!

challenge 5
challenge 5

We had so much working on these pieces I can't wait to see how your motivated by them!!!!!!!!