Monday, August 23, 2010

hola chicas!!!!

Okay ladies the emails have been sent!
Me and renee had our work cut out for us picking just 2 girls from the applications we received! Now I know how hard it is for those ladies when Ive applied!!!
We wish to thank all of you who took the time to apply!!! We very much hope that you continue to stick around and play along with us on this new adventure we call Scrap, laugh, love!
Also remember to be a public follower because once a month a name will be drawn at random to win a rak!!! let me tell you girls you will not be disapppointed in the raks!!! (pictures coming soon)
so We have just a few days till we get this rocking party started!!!!

val and renee

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  1. :-) love your 'yet to be revealed' image there! excited to hear the news! x