Friday, October 8, 2010

show us your scrap space

with MARLENE!!!!!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share my scrap space with all of you. We don’t have a ton of extra space in my house, so my scrap space is in my bedroom. Now I would love to have a whole room just for scrapping but I’m so grateful to at least have a nice little space to scrap and create.
This is my desk which I love so much. The black cubbyhole thing on top of my desk is actually a very small bookcase which I turned on its side. I have all my paints, inks, glitter and all that good stuff. The large sunflower tin on top of that is used as a little garbage can for my scraps. I covered my desk with a plastic tablecloth to protect it and I also have a Bazzil splat mat which is great when gluing and painting. Since I have a laptop, the pull out draw that is suppose to hold a keyboard holds all my border punches. Underneath I have a crate with all my papers.
This is my little message board center next to my desk. The little bookcase holds my printer, mini books, etc. I have a lot of beautiful items that I have received from many swaps over the years. My most recent find is this tree branch which I bought at Home Goods. I was looking for something cool to display my ATC’s on and this was just perfect.
I also wanted to share a picture of my closet door to show you my other ATC display. I just wrapped some twine around the whole door and attached the cards with little clothes pins.
And finally these are my storage bins. They are two 3-tier plastic bins, once stacked on top of the other. Each draw holds certain items, like alpha stickers, flowers, chipboard, etc. I decided to turn them to the side but it was so messy looking with the clear bins. I had some wood grain contact paper lying around and I decided to cover the sides of the bins with it. I love the way it turned out and it’s so much neater looking. On top of that is my black caddy which holds all my stamps.
Thanks so much for taking a peek into my scrappy world. I hope this maybe gives you some little ideas and inspiration for your scrap space!

Hugs, Marlene

we hope you all have a fabulous weekend, stay tuned next week for more great stuff from us!!!


  1. What a great space Marlene! So that is where all your creative juices flow....

  2. I know isnt it fun to see where people sit and create!!! its amazing to me! its alike a glimpse into their thought process!!!