Thursday, November 11, 2010

tutorial thursday

this is an older tutorial I made but I know alot of you probably have not seen it. its amazing so I want to share it again with you all!

-White Cardstock
-White Embossing Ink
-White Embossing Powder
-Embossing Heat Gun
-2 Paint Brushes
-Acrylic Paint
-Small cup of water
-Stamp of choice

STEP 1: Gather All Supplies.
 STEP 2: Using your Stamp of choice and White Embossing Ink, stamp images on the White Cardstock in any way you so desire.

STEP 3: Apply White Embossing Powder to Stamped Images and dust off excess. Repeat this process until you feel you have reached the look you want.
STEP 4: Using the Embossing Heat Gun, emboss the images as normal until they become smooth and glossy.
STEP 5: Allow to cool completely.

STEP 6: In a paint tray or a device of your choosing add the Acrylic Paint of your choice.

  STEP 7: Add a small amount of water to the Acrylic Paint until the paint drips off your paintbrush.

STEP 8: Using the first of your two paintbrushes begin to apply the paint to your White Cardstock Paper using a back and forth hand motion and cover the entire paper with paint.
 STEP 9: Before the paint dries quickly take your 2nd paintbrush and swipe over the stamped images to remove any paint. You want the images to appear white through the paint.
 STEP 10: Allow the paint to dry.
 And that's it. It's SO easy!

I hope you try this out!!! its an amazing technique that will allow you to create and type of pattern paper you desire!!! and any color to boot!



  1. Ya la conocia gracias, pero no esta mal recordar

  2. Very cool Tutorial Val!!! i remember this one :) - Still working on my paper bag

  3. Hola, si he visto este tutorial y me encanta el efecto que se produce con esa pistola y esos polvos, acá en chile es bien carita pero al ver est tipo de tutoriales e ideas más me convenso que es un elemento de muy buena inversión....
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