Monday, February 7, 2011

week six

week 6
spray paint
who says spray paint isnt for scrapbooking?! It most certainly is!
It can give you some wonderful backgrounds!
Use it to cover your whol background or just srapy messy splotches on your paper.
Have fun and experiment.
Here I sprayed over some paper doilies to give myself my very own pattern paper.
***always use spray paint in a well ventilated area. even if using a small amount.***
  share with us your spray paint creations and we will add them to the reader gallery!

renee and val


  1. I love seeing you weekly ideas and Challenges unfortantly for me I dont have time to do one every week. Did do the Ruffles but did not get it on my Blog until today.

  2. drayia I will add your ruffles project to the gallery!

  3. i love finding new creative blogs! :)
    i've always wanted to use spray praint to create the letters on the cover of a mini book or a page...maybe this will give me a kick in the right direction! :)