Friday, September 3, 2010

Show us your scrap space

With Ledesma!

My Scraproom:
This is my scrap space it’s not really a scraproom since I live in an apartment I don’t have to many space for that so I have to managed to fit everything and my desk and a cabinet which was really ugly and old so I clean it and painted and now I love it!!!
I made my desk with cubes I bought on Michael’s and I bought the top on Home Depot It’s just a piece of wood I asked them to cut it at the measurements I need and painted it white and use to pieces of wood from the same I used on top of my desk to put on my wall it gives me more space to put more things on it like my 2 favorites baskets they used to be from my son when he was a baby and they were just neutral with baby fabric on them so I painted them and cover with some fabric I also cover my chair with the same fabric since it was just plain black and boring!!!
I hope you like my little piece of heaven

we hope you all have a Great long weekend!
Stay tuned next week for a fun tutorial!

love us


  1. What an awesome space I love it... Everything is so neat and tidy! Great colors too!

  2. woow me encanta! supeer ordenaditoo :D!

  3. Super cool tu scraproom!! Limpio, nítido y muy moderno!! Cariños, María

  4. Thanks Renee I love my space too specially because I have all the colors I like =D
    Pami y Maria que gusto verlas por aca chicas me alegra que les guste mi scraproom ;)

  5. Súper ordenado!!! Se ve precioso. Si ahora le tomara una fotografía al mío se espantarían, parece que pasó un huracán, :)

    Chicas, amo su blog, pero no habría posibilidad de que también fuera en español. Entiendo sus posts pero me cuesta un poco :P

    Espero que se pueda, si no, pues a seguir perfeccionando mis clases de inglés, jaja.


  6. mir
    en la lado izquierda ay un button que dices
    google translate. con esta tu puedes cambiar mi blog a la idioma que quieres!!!
    yo tengo esta button alli por todo mis amigas que hablan english!!!!
    dime si cilpas mas ayuda con esto!!!


  7. Hola chicas, Ledesma me encanta tu scraproom, tan limpio y ordenado, muchas felicidades, espero pronto tener mi propio scraproom y se los muestro, un saludo a todas!!!!

  8. wow you are super organised and super tidy! love the space, and I'll be taking inspiration from covering the chair in cool fabric! x

  9. Love your scrapspace Ledesma! I love the black and white and the pops of purple and the chair is awesome! hugs, Marlene