Thursday, September 9, 2010

tutorial thursday!

hello ladies!
I have a cute little tutorial for you today to make a bulletin board. They are fast and easy!
here we go~


-a piece of fabric 14in.x14in.
-a piece of cork 12in.x12in.
(you could really make this any size you like. just make your fabric 2in. bigger on each side thatn what your cork is.)
-ribbon (i used a couple feet but you caould make it as long as you like)
-hot glue and extra glue sticks ready
-a junky piece of cardstock, can be any color you dont like cause you wont see it
-and some tacs to hang stuff on your board when your done!
step one
lay your cork ontop of your fabric on the wrong side of the fabric. you want the pretty part facing down. then using your hot glue begin to fold all the edges up and glue them to the cork. do this on all four sides.

step two
using your hot glue gun glue down one side of your ribbon. I glue down about 2-3 inches of ribbon to make sure its strong enough to hold my hanging board.

step three
then glue down the other side a couple of inches away.

step four
next glue your cardstock down.
( i trimmed and each off of each side before I did this but its not needed unless you want to)

step five
hang on wall!

step six
decorate and enjoy!!!!

I hope you ladies this tutorial simple and enjoyable!!!
it only takes me about 5 mins to make on of these! and they are so darn adorable!!!

happy crafting


  1. Ooooh I cannot wait to go home and try this!

  2. great tutto and great idea :D thanks!!!

  3. Hola Val, esta padrisimo el tuto, me encanto, muchas felicidades chicas, lo voy a poner en practica!

  4. Gracias por el tuto, me parece sencillo de realizar y muy lucidor.


  5. Cute! I have some of those boring old tile around here somewhere. Looks like a fun little project. :)

  6. Cute tutorial and looks easy thanks val!!!

  7. luv it Val :) can't wait to try it!!!

  8. Here is the bulletin board I created using Val's tutorial.

  9. love it renee!!!!!
    fabuloso colors!!!!

  10. great tutorial!! I have a couple of cork boards that I haven't used because i don't like the look, this defenaly solve my problem !!! thanks guys