Friday, December 31, 2010

a new year, a new idea

So this year, we are switching things up a bit on here. Its going to be so fun an exciting!  We cannot wait to head down this road with you all!! We want this blog to be exactly what it says: Scrap, Laugh, Love. therefore we will be incorporating all of these things into our blog. We will have a weekly challenge for you every Monday! Fabulous fun creative challenges that will get all your crafty juices flowing!!! You will be inspired! ( we have our challenges all planned out till June!!!) Each week we will also bring some laughter into your life, whether this be a story, a joke, a group of funny pics, a scrapping mis-hap, we will help you pass your week with laughter and joy! The third installment each week will be something we love. May it be an artist we love, a layout we love, a photo we love and are inspired by, a touching tale, whatever it may be we will bring love and sweetness into your life each week.
Me and Renee feel so blessed to have met each other, to have the friendship and crafty relationship we have! We want to bring a little of that joy and sweetness into your life each week! We are extra excited to be traveling this road with all of you, our online friends who empower and inspire us everyday!
Some other changes will be that at the top we will have a page for any of you who wish to submit or share your creations with us for any given week, we will display them all in this gallery.
We've decide not to have monthly prizes also. Instead we will go with having random fun giveaways once in awhile!
we have also given the blog a new look. do you love it? We thought it was cute and sweet! theres also three new badges you can grab and share on your blog!
We are so excited to continue and explore this fabulous blogging journey we are on with all of you!


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  1. love the new look, and can't wait to start on these challenges!