Thursday, December 23, 2010

tutorial thurday!

for my last monthly tutorial I wanted to go out with a bang! and some sparkle! who doesnt love sparkle? and this idea is just perfect for the holidays!
***warning if you live in the cold , do not use these out side i found out the hard way that the mod podge will crack in the cold. so only use them indoors until its warm!***

we are going to make some glittered shoes!!!!
(I didnt take pictures the whole time making mine so I will be using another girls pics as well!)
supplies needed:
tp to stuff the shoes to avoid a messy inside
mod podge
sand paper (important)
bowl to mix glitter
bowl to mix glitter with mod podge
something to cover to work space, newspaper or card board

first mix you glitters together. now if you prefer to only use one color thats up to you. I mixed pink turquoise and silver together for mine.
next sand your shoes with sandpaper
this helps. believe me! my sister skipped this step when doing hers and they cracked right away!
next shove tp into your shoes to avoid a glittery gooey mess inside them!
okay now pour a little mod podge into a bowl and add very slowly some of your glitter mixture into it. go slow and add only a little if you add to much it will get clumpy.
paint a coat carefully onto your shoes. go slow and take your time! becareful of the edges. make sure you are painting a straightline!
once you have one full coat of the mixture on there take some of just the glitter, no podge and sprinkle the glitter all over your shoes. you may tap excess of if you like I didnt. the more glitter the better! I let this dry for about 15 mins.
next take your glitter mod podge mix and add another coat of that to your shoes. this will seal everything in and ensure that they are completly coverd!
please allow 24 hours to make sure they are completely dry! make them the night or day before you plan to war them! and once again remember they cannot go into the cold!
these are mine starting to dry!
this is another pair already dry!

I hope you girls love this idea and go make a pair of glittered shoes right away!!!!!
merry christmas!


  1. This post is right on time for New Year's Eve! I love it - Merry Christmas!

  2. I wonder if the outdoor modpodge would help them from cracking?

  3. See? I'm not the only one to wear Mod Podged shoes!

  4. I love this idea!! I used to do this about 20+ years ago!! Thanks for sparking my "re-memory"!!!!

  5. how cute and festive for New Years! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and Happy New Year's!

  6. What a cool idea I love it thanks for sharing =)